A 5 Haiku Time Block

Alarm going off,
time to get up, start the day.
When will you return?

Look at the planner.
Places to be, things to see.
Have a sec to talk?

Running here and there.
Checking phone, watch, calendar.
No time for talking.

9 to 5, long drive,
clubs and sports, late practice time.
Not in time to dine.

Clock in the tower,
on the wall, phone, digital
ticking life away.

PC: Jon Tyson via Unsplash

Time’s Song

Time is very hard to hear, but it makes a lovely song.

Every time the hour changes it makes a horrid BONG.

Time is such a wonderful thing and yet it’s awful too.

Every time the clock goes tick we learn something new.

Time is such an unforgiving thing, it offers no re-do

Every time the clock goes tock we get older too.

“Tick tock,” sings the clock, “bing bong.”