Movie Tuesdays: The Producers (1967)

My Thoughts: I thought this movie was strange and confusing.  It was intended to be funny, but it just ended up being stupid. It’s portrayal of women as mere sexual objects was insulting.  All and all I felt extremely uncomfortable the entire time I was watching this movie.  I’m glad it’s over now!
Recommendation: I did not really like this movie.  I found it dull.  The humor was over-the-top and rather insulting.  I would not recommend it.

Writing/Screenplay: This movie won an Oscar for best writing, story, and screenplay.  I suppose, if it was a bad year for movies, I can see how that happened.  I actually think the plot was really interesting and original, it could have been a really great funny movie, but the humor was really dirty.  There was very little wit in this movie.  Worst of all the movie was predictable!  This predictably is part of what made it confusing because as a viewer you keep waiting for the plot twist, but it never really comes.  It was just a very poor execution of what could have been a really original story.
Score: 5

Acting: The acting in this movie was decent. Some of the characters, like Frank Liebkind (portrayed by Kenneth Mars), were a little over the top.  There was some unnecessary screaming of lines in an attempt to make them funny, but overall the actors portrayed their characters well.   Zero Mostel succeed in making the character of Max Bialystock into a cunning cheat, but also someone that a dunce like Bloom would look up to.  Gene Wilder, as Bloom, stood out above everyone else in this film; he was absolutely the saving grace of this movie.  This is a very odd film for a character to have a coming of age story in, but that is what Bloom’s character does and only Gene Wilder could pull that off.  He definitely earned his Oscar nomination for best actor in a supporting role.
Score: 7

Cinematography: There was nothing exceptionally special about the cinematography in this film.  The best shot was towards the beginning when Bloom decides to go along with Bailystocks scheme.  They are in front of the Lincoln Center and all the fountains soar at once and Bloom starts dancing on the ledge with water flying around him.  It was a cool shot, but also the only one that stood out in anyway throughput the whole film.
Score: 7.5

Soundtrack: The music in this film was actually pretty good.  The singing was exceptional and some of the songs were funny.  The song Love Power sung by Dick Shawn was pretty funny.  Also the background music was well chosen and placed strategically in the appropriate scenes.  This was done well.
Score: 7.5

Overall Score:  27/40